Grow Your Audience With Technology

By leveraging the power of the internet to build a platform that connects your target audience,
you can increase sales, maximize retention, and amplify your reach.


What is a Platform?

The vast majority of people use the internet to access ecosystems like Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, or SalesForce.
The appeal of these social sites lies in the power of the platform – And the platform is the connection tool
between your brand, your products, and your audience.

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Your Products


Your Target Market


Your User's Interests


A Desktop/Mobile Design


Tools & Training




Why a platform? What's wrong with a traditional website?

As the web grows, the average consumer spreads their attention just a little bit thinner with the addition of every new brand. In a nutshell, brands without platforms get lost in the noise because:

  • picture The market is more crowded than ever.
    Large companies are leveraging horizontal growth, and branching out into similar markets.
  • picture Consumers are more distracted than ever.
    People spend their money on the things they know and love, and they are repetitive by nature.
John Doe

Geoffrey Parker
Author, Platform Revolution

"As digital networks increase in ubiquity, businesses that do a better job of harnessing the power of the platform will win."

What are the benefits of a platform?

Some of the most profitable companies on the web have built their business on the power of a platform.
They use technology to increase sales, maximize retention, and amplify reach.


When you offer your market and target audience unique value like a platform, you stand out from the crowd.


Leveraging the power of a platform allows you to build technology once and scale easily and affordably to infinity.


A platform connects customers, their peers, and the brands they love together - which makes them stay longer.


How do I know if a platform is right for my organization?

Although virtually every company or collective can benefit from a platform, some work better than others. Prior to beginning a project, we conduct an analysis that will help us assess your potential. During this analysis we look at a lot of things, but specifically, we check for:

  • The size and age of your existing customer base.
  • The adoption and significance of your product or service.
  • The annual growth and size of your current market.
  • The average engagement level of your target audience.
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How do we build the perfect platform?

Before we begin, our team of professionals will assess your platform's technical needs.
Using the latest web tools and technologies, we can build anything - including but not limited to:

Modern Design

Every platform starts with a sleek and responsive design, carefully crafted for your target audience.

Secure & Private Login

Private and custom access for every user is extremely secure, ensuring safety for you and your customers.

Social User Profiles

Profile and social integration can add an extra layer of connection and retention to any platform.

Cloud Data Storage

The ability for users to store files or data on your platform can help ensure they keep coming back.

Calendaring & Scheduling

Including the ability for users to plan or schedule things ensures they use your platform often.

Discussion Forums

People want to connect, and having access to a supportive community online is always beneficial.

Automated User Acquisition

When your platform reaches its state of effectiveness, automating advertising can increase profits.

Emails and Notifications

One of the best ways to keep users coming back is to notify them externally of events inside the platform.

Automated Upsells

If your product or service has multiple tiers, systems can automate selling additional products to existing customers.

Action-Based Triggers

When a user completes an event, the platform can auto-trigger an action or a series of actions.

Custom Landing Pages

Platforms in some markets can benefit by giving their users landing pages to drive leads their way.

3rd Party Integration

There are many existing tools and technologies, and integrating into what people use makes their life easier.

Lead Generation Directory

Consumer-focused platforms can benefit from frontend directories that send leads to your users (for businesses).

E-commerce Integration

The addition of products and retention technologies can dramatically increase your sales.

Task Management

Integrating a tool to help manage tasks can increase platform usage and maximize brand exposure.

CRM Systems

Allowing a user to manage their clients (for businesses) is a fantastic way to increase retention of the platform.

Market-Specific Tools

More often than not, most markets can benefit from platforms with specific tools for their needs, and we can create them.

Smart Algorithms

Data can be overwhelming, and algorithms can rank, sort, or notify on autopilot.

Gamification & Rewards

Building game-like mechanics into a platform is a great way to maximize usage and increase your brand's exposure.

Mobile Connectivity

Your target audience is on their smartphone, so your platform should be there as well.

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