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The Website Without Traffic – Useless?

Sep 15, 2011   //   by Tim Ruswick   //   Marketing  //  1 Comment
WebsiteWithout Traffic

Everybody has a website these days, and everyone that doesn’t automatically wants one. But what if you set up a site, and no one ever comes to it…Is it worth the money you spent to put it up? Is it good for anything? Is it completely useless? This is something I come across far too often, so its time to lay it to rest once and for all. Lets explore the all too forgotten world of neglected websites and discuss why you need one, and [...]

Strategy in a Random World

Sep 1, 2011   //   by Tim Ruswick   //   Business  //  No Comments
Strategy in a Random World

So what’s the first thing you think you need to start a business? A unique idea you say? While I’ll admit an idea is a big part of any venture, it is actually not a critical part of a successful business. There are plenty of less that unique business that do extremely well, so what separates them from you? The difference is in the strategy. When most people start a business, they like to jump into it head first. After all, they have this amazing [...]

Moving Forward in a Recession

Aug 25, 2011   //   by Tim Ruswick   //   Productivity  //  No Comments
Moving Forward in a Recession

Everywhere you go you hear someone mention the economy. It’s the hot topic right now. No one can get a job because of the economy. No one can make any money because of the economy. No one can be successful in business because of the economy. Whether you think the economy is really the cause of these issues or not, on thing is for sure: People like to blame it for their problems. First off I think it is important to mention that I don’t [...]

Why Your Internet Marketing is Horrible

Aug 18, 2011   //   by Tim Ruswick   //   Productivity  //  No Comments
Internet Strategy

Whether your organization or business is 20 fold with money guns blazing daily, or a one man show constantly performing, we all have experience with some form of internet marketing. The Information Technology field is a tricky one though. Most business owners know nothing about computers, infrastructure, or internet platforms, let alone search engine rankings or social media marketing. That’s why usually, businesses choose to hire an IT guy or someone else to do their internet marketing for them. He’s supposed to know all of [...]

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